Profit Management

A Revenue Manager would never develop a Revenue Management System that cannot handle Total Profit Revenue Management. Rev-Diary sets restrictions depending on the optimal profit mix for the day.


Rev-Diary’s algorithm is based on machine learning and takes into account internal demand as well as market demand and bases it’s future demand forecast on several data points.


Rev-Diary offers several reports which helps the Revenue Manager to prepare for Management Meetings, evaluate the optimal strategy and OTB as well as forecast per Market Segment, Distribution Channel and Rate Profit Group.

Auto Pilot

Rev-Diary can be run manually or on auto-pilot. The choice is up to you. Most Revenue Managers choose a combination depending on how much time they have and let the system run automatically when they are not at the office.

Easy to use

Installing Rev-Diary takes about one day where one of Taktikon’s Revenue Management Experts goes through the use of the system and sets the configuration together with your team.


Rev-Diary forecasts the demand per distribution channel which means that the distribution strategy is easy to track and to optimise.

Pricing Strategies

Rev-Diary is developed by Revenue Managers and uses Machine Learning to determine the optimal pricing strategy per day.

Multiple updates

Rev-Diary can handle an unlimited amount of updates per day depending on internal- as well as external demand.