Developed by Revenue Managers. Powered by Artificial Intelligence

The ultimate system for Revenue Managers!

Want to apply Total Profit Revenue Management

Rev-Diary sets it's strategies according to the optimal Rate Profit Group




Developed by Revenue Managers, powered by Artificial Intelligence

As Revenue Management Consultants offering Revenue Management Outsourcing, we always work in the systems of our properties. Many of our customers had acquired Revenue Management Systems but we always found that we missed a lot of vital information and kept on using our Revenue Management Tool at the side.

As we grew and acquired more customers, updating our tool became a bit time consuming and we started to develop an Online version which quickly turned out to be a Revenue Management system that can compete with the best!

Rev-Diary is perfect for:

Hotel Chains

Mid – Larger Hotels

Family Run- / Boutique Hotels




Why Rev-Diary

Rev-Diary is developed by Revenue Managers which means that it is adapted to Revenue Managers needs and developed after the latest Revenue Management Principles. Of course, the system can be used for Total Profit Revenue Management and set it’s strategies according to Rate Profit Groups.

Rev-Diary measures pick up trends per market segment and uses Artificial Intelligence to constantly improve forecast, pricing strategies and restrictions.

Rev-Diary is a Revenue Manager System designed by Revenue Management- and Distribution Consultancy; Taktikon.

Key Features

Auto Pilot

Profit Management

Easy to use